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Cathedral Productions

We are dedicated to bringing grand musical productions to the venues of the Christ Cathedral campus. Working closely with Bishop Kevin Vann to create a cultural arts series to honor Christ and the dedication of the cathedral, Cathedral Productions has created a season filled with inspiration. Each of our productions is held in a different performance venue on campus chosen to enhance the unique qualities of the event, and to spotlight the singers bringing the music to life on stage.

For the past two years, Chad Berlinghieri, tenor and CEO of Cathedral Productions, has been the driving force behind sharing the beauty of these classic musical performances to life. As a resident of Orange County for the last 25+ years, Chad was blessed to see great musical possibilities here and what the gift of music has brought to the Christ Cathedral.

In this third season of productions, we are thrilled to give you more cultural arts performances to experience, and to announce that Cathedral Productions is now a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. That means that as a tax-deductible entity, we can continue to bring you the finest artists at the highest level of production.

Cathedral Productions would like to thank Fr. Christopher Smith, Fr. Tuyen Nguyen, Sister Eymard Flood, Ryan Lilyengren, Tracy Bejotte, Cindy Bobruk, The Christ Cathedral Guild, and the Cathedral staff for their encouragement and support. We wish to also offer a special word of gratitude to Bishop Kevin Vann whose support and counsel has allowed this concert series to take place. He is truly our shepherd in our journey towards Christ and the dedication of our Cathedral.

We encourage you to share these musical and cultural arts performances with your friends and family. Click the buttons on each performance page to purchase individual performance tickets, or purchase our season subscription package for the greatest experience. Thank you for supporting the arts and cultural events at Christ Cathedral!

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