Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are blessed as a Diocese to share in the God given talents of the many dynamic and inspiring musicians we have at our parishes and schools, who also contribute musically to the life of Orange County! I personally have had the chance to play with many of these artists and have greatly enjoyed watching others perform at the Christ Cathedral campus and other venues across our diocese.

As Catholics we have a strong heritage and tradition of recognizing the beauty and inspiration of art, no matter the form, as a gateway for people to encounter the divine. Building on this tradition of evangelization and encounter, we have set providing a venue where the arts are celebrated, supported and developed as a key element of the emerging mission of the Christ Cathedral campus. Last year thousands of people visited the campus to participate in and enjoy the many performances held.

As we continue to journey toward the renovation of the Cathedral building, the Cathedral campus is already full of life, becoming a center of welcome, music, art, worship and academic and theological presentations and reflections! The Cathedral is now home to a series of productions of Sacred Dramas of the lives of the Saints and Our Lord. In a parallel manner, the Cathedral campus is becoming home to first rate musical productions as well, giving witness to the fact that, as St. Augustine said “Music is a fair and glorious gift of God.”!

As a musician myself, I am proud and grateful to announce the 2015/16 performance series presented by Chad Berlinghieri of Cathedral Productions will make accessible and inviting some of the most beautiful and inspiring works in music to our faith community. Please consider participating in this beautiful expression of creativity and faith and supporting this important ministry. Again, welcome to our campus! Please be assured of my prayer for you and your loved ones in this Fall season.

Gratefully yours in the Lord,

The Most Reverend Bishop of Orange Kevin Vann

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2015-2016 Concert Series that I am producing at Christ Cathedral. As we enter the third year of production I am also very happy to announce that over summer CAB Productions LLC has become Cathedral Productions a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Now that we are a tax deductible entity it will help me to continue bringing you the finest artists at the highest level of production.

As a resident of Orange County for the last 25+ years, I have been blessed to see the great musical possibilities here and what the gift of music has brought to the Christ Cathedral in the past and what it can continue to do.

My mission in this venture is to raise awareness and attract people to the campus, let them see who we are, what we are capable of doing and I believe that so far it is working.

As we grow together spiritually and culturally I’m very excited about this upcoming series of four events, beginning in November with An Evening of Elegance 3, The Messiah Trinity in December, Love Songs in February, and culminating with Rhapsody in Blue/Carmina Burana in May.

I would like to thank Fr. Christopher Smith, Fr. Tuyen Nguyen, Sister Eymard Flood, Ryan Lilyengren, Tracy Bejotte, Cindy Bobruk, The Christ Cathedral Guild, and the Cathedral staff for their encouragement and support.

I wish to also offer a special word of gratitude to Bishop Kevin Vann whose support and counsel has allowed this concert series to take place. He is truly our shepherd in our journey towards Christ and the dedication of our Cathedral. I know that with his guidance anything is possible!

Thank you for your continued support of the Cultural Arts at Christ Cathedral.
Chad Berlinghieri

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